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Helping young people to realise their full potential

We support young people facing homelessness using a strength-based and person-centered approach. We provide a range of services that focus on supporting individuals in housing, employment, training, and more. Our services are tailored to tackle the underlying causes of homelessness as well as offering practical support. 

We aim to empower young people to support them during their transition from experiencing homelessness to developing their strengths and realising their full potential to change their own future.
Our team consists of experienced staff who work with each person to produce an action plan. This allows us to focus on the needs of each client, beginning with housing, and providing further support to help them make informed choices. 

What Does This Have to Do With Me?

Having people sleeping on the street is more expensive than you thought

According to the Crisis report from 2016, estimated public spending for one homeless person is  £34,518 on average per year. The existing data includes the rates of NHS services, drug and alcohol services and mental health services that are higher among homeless people than the housed population. 

However, this significant spending does not alleviate homelessness, it only deals with its consequences. If this money were redirected into enhancement of preventative services and effective models for ending homelessness, the human and financial costs of single homelessness could be reduced. 

Not to mention that the real costs of homelessness include health issues, well-being and lack of opportunities. Prevention as well as breaking the cycle of homelessness is possible and is in the interest of all of us! 

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